7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world, and consumers from across the globe prefer Amazon for purchasing a wide range of products, including clothing, home appliances..

June 22, 2023

Why Is Product Research More Crucial On Amazon?

Amazon FBA product research is essential to any FBA business. Doing great product research helps businesses understand the best product to sell and helps predict which trends are worth focusing on in the future.

Finding the right product is the most important aspect of Amazon as it can propel your business and instantly increase your revenue.

The process of researching products on Amazon has evolved in recent years. What may have worked in the past may no longer be effective.

This comprehensive guide provides 7 definitive tips to assist you in conducting Amazon product research.

As a bonus tip, we will reveal the secret to completing this time-consuming process in just a few minutes.

7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products
7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

The post we will cover:

  1. What is product research?
  2. Why is product research important?
  3. Checklist for Amazon product research
  4. Checklist of Amazon product research.
  5. What are the Better ways for manual product research?
  6. How to find better ideas from tools?
  7. Product categories to avoid

What Is Product Research?

Amazon product research is all about analyzing current market trends to choose winning items —– something that can generate high sales.

Our focus lies in searching for keywords that consumers are most frequently using to find what they are looking for. Once we identify a product with market demand based on these keywords, we can begin working on it.

Why Is It Important To Do Product Research On Amazon?

Finding the right product is the key to achieving your desired sales. However, many sellers become frustrated and get stuck in a loop of product research.

It is not surprising that a significant number of people who explore FBA never actually start because they are confused about product research.

7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

Choosing the right product can lead you to make millions while selecting the wrong product can result in losing all your money.

It is important to understand that the old tricks of finding products no longer work in the current scenario. That’s why we have developed new tricks and methods to assist you in selecting the best product for your Amazon business.

What Makes An Amazing Product Opportunity?

Note these key points, which will help you do a quick analysis of the product.

Amazon Product Research Criteria:

7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

When searching for an amazing product, there are certain points you need to focus on:

Low seasonality: Look for products that are not reliant on specific seasons, such as Christmas products and accessories. Always choose products that have year-round demand.

A price of more than $20: Finding higher-priced products can potentially lead to making millions more easily.

Lightweight and small: Selecting lightweight products not only reduces shipping and storage costs but also increases your profit margins.

Differentiation: Incorporating differentiation into your product helps you stand out from the competition and make your product more unique. Without differentiation, you will find yourself involved in a rat race as other sellers are offering the same product.

Checklist Of Amazon Product Research Requirements

Here is a checklist of product research criteria that will help you find a better product for your business.

  • Product price that falls between $20 and $50
  • The product that generates 10 to 15 sales per day
  • BSR (Best Sellers Rank) must be under 30,000.
  • Primary keywords should have at least 15,000 searches.
  • Avoid products where big brands dominate the market.
  • The top 10 sellers should have less than 500 reviews.
  • Choose a non-seasonal product.
  • Opt for small and lightweight products.
  • Set up the product for 25% or even less than the sale price.
  • Aim for a product with a potential 40% profit margin.
  • Ensure there are opportunities for differentiation and optimization.
  • Identify multiple product-related keyword opportunities.
  • Seek quick and easy product sourcing from China and other countries.
  • Avoid easily breakable products.
  • Stay away from gated or restricted products.
  • Assess the ability to expand your brand with related products.
  • Consider the possibility of creating a superior product compared to existing options in the market.

Ensure the product does not have any legal issues.

The Easiest Way To Do Manual Amazon Product Research:

The manual product research is free of cost method which helps to do a better understanding of the product research.

Here are a few steps by which you can find a product through it.

Go to the bestseller page:

Amazon offers you substantial help for researching a product and this is through Amazon’s Best Sellers page. You can search for products based on their categories & subcategories. Perform a quick check of the listings to determine what items are sold the most.

7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

Here are the external methods which you can generate ideas through it:

  • Amazon’s best-seller list
  • Amazon storefronts
  • Exploring the retail stores
  • Amazon’s Movers & Shakers
  • Amazon Basics
  • Checking the section – “Customers Also Bought”
  • Amazon’s product sub-tiers
  • Explore the Shopify stores

Browse Out The Pinterest Trends:

The trend of Pinterest can also provide you with product ideas, as well as ideas for improving your product.

7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

Searching On Ali Express:

7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

Take A Look At What Your Competitors Are Doing:

The second step is to analyze what your competitors are doing to sell the product you have chosen. Amazon’s Best Sellers page allows you to gain insights into your primary competitors.

You can examine their product listing pages and their official website if it is available. These insights provide an idea of which items are selling the most and receiving good ratings and customer reviews.

In addition to this, you can spy on your competitors outside of Amazon by searching for the relevant keyword on Google or other search engines to see if their results appear.

How To Find Better Ideas Using Tools?

This is the quickest way to perform product research. They save your time and come in handy.

Here are some well-known tools that will help you come up with better ideas:



7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

Helium10 is the most effective tool that helps you generate better ideas for product research. It is a fully automated tool for Amazon that allows you to manage the entire process from research to product launch.

7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

One of the useful features is Blackbox, which is the best way to select product ideas. It helps you filter out ideas and provides a thorough analysis of the product and market research through its extension. This helps to clarify your understanding of product demand.

Here are the product research tools available from Helium10:

  • Blackbox
  • Magnet
  • Cerebro



7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

Jungle Scout is a well-known Amazon tool which majority of sellers like to use JungleScout to automate their Amazon business and make their life easy.

7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products

For conducting the product research you’ll find various tools and features for product research.The two primary tools are the Product Database and the Product Tracker. To begin your research, click on the Product Database tool.

There, you can enter specific criteria such as product category, price range, sales estimates, and more. Use these filters to narrow down your search and find potential products of interest.




Product Categories To Avoid

Do not select products that come with shipping and manufacturing complications, as they can become major headaches in the future. These types of products often involve liabilities, quality assurance issues, return challenges, and customer review problems.

If you plan to be an Amazon Seller, it’s important to recognize that not all items are the same. Avoid choosing complex products like cameras, photos, paintings, and home appliances.

7 Quick Ways To Help You Spot Better Amazon Products


Now you will find an Opportunistic product if you follow the 7 above Product research steps in the correct way.

On Amazon, you can explore the “Frequently Bought Together” section to discover items that are typically purchased alongside a particular product. This can provide you with additional product ideas. Reviewing this section for high-selling products can give you fresh options to consider.

By following these steps, your Amazon product research will not only be comprehensive but also highly competitive. Start by identifying exciting products to sell and list them competitively, allowing you to compete with established sellers in the market.

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