98.7% of Consumer Complaints Resolved by PTA in the Past Year

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) successfully resolved 98.7% of consumer complaints within the past year.. Out of the total complaints received, the PTA addressed 37% of them, encompassing 37.4% that were fully resolved and 7.2% that were partially resolved. Nonetheless, 12.3% of the complaints lacked complete information.

Approximately 4.8% of complaints were dropped due to incomplete information and other causes. Impressively, the PTA achieved a 99.5% resolution rate for consumer complaints over the last two years. Within the period from 2021 to 2023, the authority effectively handled 399,232 out of 397,197 complaints.

According to the disclosed document, the PTA accomplished a 100% resolution rate for the complaints received in the previous year. Specifically, in the year 2021-22, all 218,630 complaints were addressed. Moreover, during the year 2022-23, the authority effectively tackled 178,549 out of 180,602 complaints.

The PTA’s commitment to resolving public complaints is also evident through its engagement on the Prime Minister’s portal. On the Pakistan Citizen Portal, the PTA maintains a high complaint redressal rate of 99.4%. The citizen satisfaction ratio regarding PTA’s responsiveness on the PM Citizen Portal stands at 60%.

Highlighting its customer-centric approach, the PTA ensures its complaint-handling mechanism is visible, accessible, and powered by the input of telecom users. Complaints can be registered through the toll-free number 0800-55055, available seven days a week during working hours. Additionally, complaints can be lodged online via the PTA’s website or a dedicated email address.