AdPluto Unveiled as Pakistan’s Inaugural Self-Serve Media Buying Platform

Pakistan witnessed a groundbreaking moment in its media industry with the launch of AdPluto, the country’s first fully self-serve media buying platform. Introduced by a number of industry leaders, AdPluto aims to revolutionize digital advertising by providing advertisers, media agencies, and businesses with an efficient and transparent platform. The platform offers local payments in Pakistani Rupees, a fully self-serve interface, premium local inventory, industry-best viewability rates, competitive CPMs, and handles billions of ad requests monthly for both display and video advertisements.


Tailored specifically for the Pakistani market, AdPluto stands out with its real-time data analytics, empowering advertisers to make data-driven decisions for optimizing their return on investment. The platform serves as a robust alternative to Google Ads, addressing Pakistan’s unique advertising needs and offering advertisers a powerful tool to connect with their target audiences effectively.


As Pakistan undergoes a digital transformation, AdPluto is positioned to become an indispensable resource for advertisers seeking success in the competitive marketplace. Its arrival underscores Pakistan’s growing influence in the technology and advertising sectors, providing advertisers with the tools needed to navigate media procurement with precision and ease in a rapidly evolving landscape.