hosts a conference to encourage Pakistani businesses to join the platform.

In the world's fastest-growing e-commerce sector, Alibaba is the most popular online shopping site, would expand

January 3, 2022

Impact of Alibaba in the World:
In the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce sector, Alibaba is the most popular online shopping site. would expand support services such as advertising, logistics, payments, and daily operations systems to ensure the long-term viability of new enterprises, particularly those affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. The portal will assist SMEs in connecting with new consumers and expanding into new markets throughout the world.

Opportunity for Pakistani Sellers:
The firm is actively seeking to tap into Pakistan’s untapped e-commerce potential, and has recently launched a number of similar ventures. According to industry projections, the goal of Alibaba for next year is to reach 30 million online shoppers and assist more than 100,000 online retailers. The company also intends to expand its logistics business to be able to ship one million items anywhere on the planet.
The Sialkot Summit will assist Alibaba in reaching out to local micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises that can benefit from selling on Alibaba’s platform.

An important message delivered to Mr. Kuo during the conference:

“Together with Daraz, we intend to give complete local assistance to our vendors,” Mr. Kuo stated. We have a very clear development path in place to assist people in establishing their company online, from setting up their storefronts to uploading items, and we’ve also introduced various seller education classes for paying members in Pakistan.”
The e-commerce powerhouse will support local vendors by guiding those who want to start their own online business, from shops to product uploading and operations.

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