Alif Capital Holdings Enters Pakistani Market with Strategic E-commerce Acquisition

A well-reputed company registered in England called M/s Alif Capital Holdings Limited is working as a parent company for dealing with various investments and controlling the ownership of different companies. Its target company is M/s Alif Innovations (Private) Limited which has the utmost expertise in providing e-commerce services and solutions and is registered in Pakistan.

Alif Capital Holdings Limited is known for its financial services and technical assistance, providing people with a platform for transactions to buy shares from two share shareholders of Alif Innovations. 

It implies modern technology in its services such as Alif Mobi, and modern financial solutions like its groundbreaking buy-now-pay-later-payment system, an online retail shop, the Alif Shop,  and a secure means of transferring money to people in other countries.

CCP assessed E-commerce and Phase 1 of the evaluation stated E-commerce as a relevant geographic market. Moreover, another outcome of the evaluation was the revelation that  Alif Innovations, being new to the market, holds no shares. But Alif Capital Holdings after acquiring it might hold a prominent share in the market.

This possession is a crucial step for a better foundation and uplifting of the E-commerce market, providing people with innovative technology and solutions every day, establishing strong connections between providers and consumers, connecting businesses, empowering financial institutions, and taking Pakistan’s digital landscape to new heights of development and success.