Android to Introduce Option for Disabling Full-Screen Ads in the Near Future

Advertisements play a vital role in generating revenue for various services, websites, and applications. While some ads are easy to disregard, the annoyance escalates with full-screen ads that force non-skippable videos on mobile devices.

Thankfully, Android 14 is gearing up to provide a solution. A new feature will allow users to manually revoke apps’ permission to display intrusive full-screen notifications. This functionality hinges on the “USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT” permission, which apps currently use to present such notifications. By toggling this permission, users can make it tougher for apps to showcase disruptive full-screen pop-ups.

However, it’s important to note that this permission isn’t the only route apps take to deliver full-screen ads; it’s just one avenue exploited by ad providers. Google is taking a two-pronged approach, granting users the flexibility to enable or disable this permission while simultaneously adjusting its policy for granting the permission to apps from the Play Store.

This policy change will go into effect later this year, excluding dialer and alarm clock apps, which will retain this permission due to their necessity for calls and alarms. Notably, the operating system won’t automatically rescind the permission for apps installed before updating to Android 14. Users with such apps must manually adjust settings after updating.