Apple Allocates Nearly $5 Billion for Development of ChatGPT Competitor

In the latest tech and telecom news, Apple is gearing up to invest nearly $5 billion in its efforts to create a rival to ChatGPT. With Google leading the way in introducing generative AI features to smartphones, Apple is working on integrating generative AI into its upcoming iOS 18 update. This move comes as a response to the success of rival companies that introduced AI features following the rise of ChatGPT.

Apple has been investing heavily in AI servers, with an expenditure of over $620 million, and plans to invest up to $4.75 billion in AI servers in the coming year. This investment is aimed at giving Apple an edge over rivals like Microsoft and Google, both of which have extensively worked on generative AI.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will acquire thousands of AI servers this year, with that number potentially increasing to as many as 20,000 in the next year. Additionally, Apple may consider developing its own server chips to reduce costs.

While the exact features of Apple’s AI endeavors remain to be seen, it is anticipated that they will include a new chatbot and possibly an image generator similar to DALL E. Apple is making a significant push to catch up with its competitors in the generative AI space.