Awareness Seminar Held to Promote the Rate of Export and Digital economy.

The key cause for the increase in Internet users is E-Commerce, which is the online buying and selling procedure, E-commerce is as vital

January 15, 2022

The key cause for the increase in Internet users is E-Commerce, which is the online buying and selling procedure. E-commerce is as vital to the Internet as a heart is to the human body. It’s a unique way to transform your company from a traditional brick and mortar to a cutting-edge online presence.

Senator Aon Abbas, [SAPM] Special Assistant to the Prime Minister, recently announced that the federal cabinet has adopted the first ever E-commerce policy framework. As of today, the internet economy will develop even more, and exports will rise as well, particularly for the country’s emerging young.

Under the leadership of our Prime Minister Imran Khan, an e-commerce online platform will launch in February 2022. In addition, the country will host the country’s first-ever e-commerce virtual university, which will launch in July 2022. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s first priority, he stated, is to promote E-commerce and the digital economy. He stated that special training programs will be held for young people to help them contribute to the economy by employing digital means.

Senator Aon Abbas continued the presentation with some shocking news, stating that domestic e-commerce remained at $4 billion, while digital trade totaled Rs. 60 billion last year. Furthermore, he stated that a total of $340 billion is being spent across the country. In addition, the country employs an estimated 1.2 million freelancers.

Pakistan is ranked third in the world in terms of e-business. Prime Minister Imran Khan wants to welcome a system that will allow people to ship items from their homes.

According to SCCI executives, the goal of these awareness seminars was to educate the business community, particularly startups, on how to promote their firms utilizing the most up-to-date methods and resources.

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