Bookme collaborates with The Bank of Punjab as a step toward revolutionizing travel.

The Bank of Punjab (BOP) and Bookme, a leading provider of travel technology, are working together to digitally modernize the Pakistani travel and tourism industries.

You can access all of Bookme’s trip booking options and savings if you are a BOP user and have their mobile banking app, “DigiBOP,” installed.

You can purchase any type of travel ticket, including hotel reservations, bus and airline tickets, and even cricket match tickets, by simply selecting the Bookme small travel app on your DigiBOP mobile application.

Through this partnership, the Bank of Punjab and Bookme hope to achieve their shared goal of continuously enhancing Pakistan’s travel sector.

By introducing a variety of cutting-edge travel solutions, the merger of these two banking and travel technology behemoths has made a huge contribution to each sector.

By combining with other “Super Apps,” Bookme is on its way to giving clients more control over their travel experiences.

Bookme works with a number of e-wallets and service applications that are climbing the ladder to become super apps.

Bookme always launches new initiatives for the convenience of travelers to keep up with all the digital changes in the travel business.

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