Bykea further Expands Their Payment Method, Launches Bykea Cash

Bykea, a renowned Pakistani motorbike based logistics company has taken an optimistic step into the world of Ecommerce. The company raised a 5.7 million series last year has launched a new mode of payment under the name of Bykea Cash. It’s a service that allows users to top up their mobile wallets and pay their utility bills with cash.

The Co-Founder of Bykea has also commented that the service aims to solve a small business’s working capital problems by transferring money into their bank accounts more quickly. With a Bykea salesperson visiting you in person, the entire procedure would take roughly five minutes.

Bykea’s smart phone app helps you pay your bills, transfer money into bank accounts and top up their mobile wallets. Bykea sends a partner to collect the cash from the user’s doorstep when the transaction is made on the app, and the user is alerted on the app after the transaction is done.

The world of E-commerce is transforming faster than ever as the competition is rising day by day and everyone is struggling to take its company’s name to the top.

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