Cabinet requested to approve a bill to amend the PTA Reorganisation Act

The Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) (Amendment) Act 2006 has received a draught amendment from the Cabinet Division.

According to sources in the Cabinet Division, the Cabinet Division referred the draught amendment to the PTA Act to the Cabinet Committee for Disposal of Legislative Cases (CCLC) following review by the Ministry of Law and Justice. The PTA Act draught amendment was transmitted to the Federal Cabinet after receiving CCLC approval.

The bill to change the PTA Act will be tabled in parliament following approval by the federal cabinet. Following approval by the National Assembly and the Senate, the bill will then go before the President, where approval will cause it to become law.

Over 35 applications for the job of Member Administration of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have reportedly been submitted to the Cabinet Division.

For the purpose of evaluating and shortlisting applicants, the federal government has established two committees. A committee made up of representatives from the Cabinet Division will evaluate the applicants, and a committee made up of federal ministers and secretaries will handle the shortlisting process.

Officials from the cabinet division claim that by modifying the PTA Act, the Chairman PTA’s administrative authority will be limited while still receiving the ability to vote. The Chairman PTA will have the authority to cast a second vote or a deciding vote if there is a tie in votes among the four authority members on any matter.

The PTA Rules 2013 have already been amended to add a fourth member, which has already received permission from the Federal Government. It should be noted that PTA has added a new position for member administration.