Careem Launches “GO TCF” Car Type and In-App Donations to Encourage Charitable Giving During Ramadan

Customers can donate to various organizations straight from the Careem app in honor of the blessed month of Ramadan. Careem was the first ride-hailing company in Pakistan. Careem also introduces a special Ramadan car type that directs donations to a worthy cause, embodying the Arabic word for “generous” in its name.

The Citizens Foundation (TCF), Saylani Welfare Trust, and Indus Hospital are just a few of the partner organizations that receive donations directly through Careem’s new in-app “donations” function. Similarly, users in Pakistan now have the option to donate PKR 50 to TCF for each ride they take by selecting Careem’s “GO TCF” car type.

TCF will utilize the donations, which are automatically deducted from the total fare, to fund education for kids from underprivileged communities. One of Pakistan’s biggest non-profit groups, TCF works to provide formal education at minimal cost in rural and urban slum areas.

Careem’s CEO and co-founder, Mudassir Sheikha, said, “Many communities in our region are in desperate need of our support and we feel a deep sense of responsibility towards them, especially during Ramadan.”

“We’re humbled at the opportunity to empower and encourage our colleagues and customers to give back during the Holy Month by leveraging the capabilities of the Careem Super App, and we’re grateful to collaborate with local and regional organizations to make it happen.”

President & CEO of TCF, Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad, commented, “Every child has the right to go to school and build a better future. Yet, education remains a distant dream for millions of less-privileged children in Pakistan.”

“We are proud to partner with organizations like Careem who share our belief in the power of education and take action to help resolve the education crisis in Pakistan. This collaboration will offer the citizens of Pakistan an opportunity to play a part in bringing change through their contributions and the collective impact will help bring many children to school.”

To truly celebrate the spirit of Ramadan, iftar meals will be given to Captains at least three times each week during that time, and colleagues from all markets will take part in a variety of service initiatives, such as delivering meals and visiting young cancer patients in the hospital.

Customers can also contribute their Careem reward points to a variety of organizations through the Careem app, like NOWPDP for the support of individuals with disabilities, SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan, and Saylani Welfare Trust to feed those in need.

Download the Careem app from the App Store or Google Play, then update it to the most recent version to reserve a car for Ramadan or donate money to areas in need.