Careem is Matching All Tips to Captain Made on the App During Ramadan

Careem Spreading Gesture of Goodwill


Throughout Ramadan, Careem will double all gratuities made on the app in the UAE, Pakistan, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain to honor the work of ride-hailing and delivery Captains. A piece of huge e-commerce news in Karachi as Customers will be able to tip Captains on the app after completing a journey, as well as at the time of order checkout for food and grocery delivery. The company will then equal the amount on a weekly basis, giving Captains a twofold tip. Careem will take a 30-minute halt from accepting new food orders in all markets to allow Captains to break their fast at iftar.

Careem Pakistan

The company is also collaborating with local eateries to offer iftar meals to Captains. The company is partnering with Ravi, Chicken Tikka Inn, Copper Kettle, and Dumpukth in the UAE to offer Captains dine-in iftar service on Mondays and Tuesdays, as well as pick-up meals on Wednesdays and Fridays. They have teamed with the Dusit Doha Hotel in Qatar to provide Captains with iftar kits to help them break their fast as they drive through the hotel near iftar time.

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