ChatGPT Receives Significant Accuracy Boost with Current Information Update

OpenAI’s recent announcement revealed a major enhancement to ChatGPT’s capabilities. The AI model, previously restricted to information up to September 2021, can now access real-time data from the internet. This upgrade addresses a notable limitation, ensuring that users can receive up-to-date information and responses.

ChatGPT leverages Microsoft’s Bing search engine to process user queries and extract relevant data from search results, enabling it to generate more accurate and current responses. Initially, this feature is available to premium users enrolled in ChatGPT’s “Plus” and “Enterprise” plans, with plans to extend access to all users in the near future. The specific timeline for this rollout has not been disclosed.

Furthermore, reports suggest that OpenAI is in discussions about a potential share sale that could value the AI company at up to $90 billion, a substantial increase from its earlier valuation in January. This development can be attributed to Microsoft’s significant investment in OpenAI, holding a 49% stake and contributing to the integration of Bing into ChatGPT for enhanced functionality. 

OpenAI anticipates substantial revenue generation, reaching $1 billion this year and aiming for even higher figures in the subsequent years.