ChatGPT Services Banned by China throughout its Tech Companies

Nikkie Asia has recently generated a report according to which the regulators in China have forbidden renowned tech companies to provide ChatGPT services to the public. This report was published amidst the fears that are regulating in the country about ChjatGPT. The country feels a risk that the replies generated by AI Chatbot developed by the Microsoft-backed Open AI might be censored by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

China has a history of preventing the use of foreign websites by blocking them. It even banned Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube from 2009-2010 and Reddit and Wikipedia from 2018-2019. ChatGPT is not officially available in China yet, but some users have managed to access it using VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The regulators in China have made certain moves to detect the response generation of ChatGPT. The state-owned media outlet, China Daily has published a post on the soil media platform Weibo about ChatGPT and stated, “ChatGPT could provide a helping hand to the U.S. government in its spread of disinformation and its manipulation of global narratives for its own geopolitical interests.”

Many different basic versions of Chatbot AI have been developed by other parties via Tencent’s WeChat social media app due to the growing demand for ChatGPT’s writing capabilities all over the world.