China Implements Ban on US Tech Giants for Government Use

In retaliation to the US’s restrictions on Chinese technology, China has now enforced a ban preventing its government officials from utilizing computers and servers that incorporate technology from Intel, AMD, or run Microsoft Windows. This decision, as reported by The Financial Times, mandates that state employees at or above the township level must employ hardware considered “safe and reliable,” endorsing domestic chipmakers like Huawei and Pythium—both of which are prohibited in the US.


This move represents a significant challenge for Intel and AMD, given that a considerable portion of their earnings originate from the Chinese market, accounting for 27% and 15% of their respective revenues. However, the revenue from government computers constitutes a smaller fraction of this total.


The ban also highlights the intensifying global tech rivalry, with China pushing forward its tech firms like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo to develop indigenous tech solutions. Despite the potential impact, responses from the involved US companies and China’s State Council Information Office were not immediately available. This development underscores the escalating tension between the US and China in the tech sector, affecting global tech trade dynamics.