CodeLabs and Supernet E-Solutions Partner to Lead the Way in Advanced Corporate Communication Solutions

In a significant development within the technology sector, CodeLabs, a prominent leader in software development, and Supernet E-Solutions, a pioneering company in software and telecom services, have come together to establish a groundbreaking alliance. This collaboration marks the inception of an innovative business communication platform, merging CodeLabs’ “WhatsApp Business Digital Platform” with Supernet E-Solutions’ advanced “Call Centre Solution,” effective from November 1st.

During the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Asif Zia, the CEO of CodeLabs, expressed the transformative nature of this partnership, emphasizing their dedication to innovation and the revolutionization of business communication. Ahmer Qamar, the CEO of Supernet E-Solutions, shared his anticipation for the joint venture, highlighting their commitment to excellence and innovation.

CodeLabs’ WhatsApp Business Digital Platform is designed to enhance customer service by providing instantaneous communication, automated processes for improved efficiency, real-time order tracking, and personalized interactions. On the other hand, Supernet E-Solutions brings its expertise in delivering personalized and efficient customer support through its acclaimed Call Centre Solution.

This strategic alliance offers several advantages, including unified communication efficiency, expanded market reach in the software and telecommunication sectors, a commitment to innovation and technological advancement, and the redefinition of industry benchmarks by combining innovative technology with robust telecom solutions.

This collaboration signifies an exciting phase of innovation and transformation in software and communication services, promising industries a comprehensive communication platform and heralding a new era in the tech sector. Further developments from this dynamic partnership are eagerly anticipated.