Collaboration of 1Link and Trax Bringing the easiest Payment Platform; 1Bill

A new service has been offered by the collaboration of two renowned names, 1Link and Trax. this new service has been brought to the public with the name 1bill, which allows customers to pay for cash on delivery orders through the convenience 0of online banking. This step has been taken with the vision of providing customers with ease of payments through digitalization, ensuring secure transactions.

The CEO of Trax, Muhammad Hassan Khan expressed his views on the launch of this app and stated, “We fully believe digital COD is the first step in a monumental shift within the logistics space. In taking that step, we are proud to lead the industry towards a more efficient and streamlined future.” both the companies that are responsible for this partnership have a well-known reputation. 1link is a well-recognized payment platform that provides an enormous variety of services such as mobile payments, e-commerce, and online banking.

Trax on the other hand is the most talked-about logistics company that ensures secure and fast delivery services. The collaboration between both companies is all set to prove the new level of convenience to the customers, making their payment procedures easy and convenient and ensuring security in their transactions. As the e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace, such steps are necessary to be taken to stand out in the field of technology.