Collaboration of Bohra Developers and e.ocean to bring a revolution in WhatsApp business platforms

Recently, the Meta partners of Pakistan, e.ocean shook hands with Bohra Developers. The two pre-eminent companies were reported to join hands on the 16th of December 2022 and work on the same agenda of WhatsApp communication platforms. 

E.Ocean has the biggest market share in the WhatsApp commerce business and provides customized WhatsApp solutions by developing a communication platform and offering omnichannel communication APIs, designed by the most skilled engineers.

Borha Developers, have the expertise and experience in the e-commerce field as a prominent e-commerce solution provider, providing its clients with the most understandable and approachable SEO-optimized sites, to enable them to increase their reach and develop a firm business network.

The two companies are in high hopes to excel in their businesses and grow together through this collaboration. E.ocean provides the finest and the most comprehensive WhatsApp solutions, which will be promoted and brought to the people by Bohra Developers, reaching out to the maximum audience, gaining widespread popularity, earning the trust of their existing clients, and establishing strong business relations with their existing clients.

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