Collaboration of Netsol And Aviation City to Setup NICAT For The Betterment of Aerospace Technologies

Netsol, an emerging name in the world of entrepreneurship is a product-based fin-tech multinational that has always been on the top of the list featuring its 500 brands worldwide and is serving the tech industry for almost two decades.

Netsol Technologies is all set to launch NICAT in collaboration with Ignite (National technology RnD Fund), responsible for funding the project, and Aviation City Pakistan (ACP). This setup is aimed at elevating aerospace technologies, ICT, and High-tech engineering.

NICAT is all about aerospace-related and engineering-based technologies connected to ICT and other relevant domains such as cyber security systems etc.

Ayub Ghauristated about the NICAT, “We at NETSOL are well excited to lead Aerospace Technology vertical specific NICAT in NIC ecosystem. We will be striving to bring out the best that Pakistan has to offer within Aerospace whether it’s the next generation of drones that enable access for hard to reach places, fuel efficiency through aircraft design while reducing carbon emissions, better user experience through superior simulators, and down to better luggage and cargo management, etc. we shall influence all. Our target will be to go global and fly our green flag in the world aviation arena.”