Computer Emergency Response Team Rules Approved by Cabinet Committee

The Cabinet Committee for Disposal of Legislative Cases has granted approval for the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Rules, according to sources within the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication. The approved rules will now be forwarded to the cabinet for final approval. The Ministry of IT had taken the initiative to formulate these rules and had sought input from both government and private sector regulators during the drafting process.

To ensure comprehensive coverage and effectiveness, the draft rules were shared with various entities including the Federal Board of Revenue, ministries, and the banking sector. Valuable suggestions were also obtained from institutions such as PEMRA, OGRA, and PTA, among others. The final draft was then submitted to the Cabinet Committee on Legislative Cases (CCLC) for approval.

Once the rules are officially approved, a comprehensive strategy will be implemented to counter cyber-attacks at the organizational level. In accordance with the National Cyber Security Policy 2021, a National Computer Emergency Response Team and a National Security Operation Center (nSOC) will be established to mitigate cyber threats. Additionally, sectoral CERTs will be set up at the Defense, Telecom, Banking and Finance, Power, Federal, and Provincial levels to effectively combat cyber attacks and prevent malicious activities in cyberspace.

These efforts reflect a proactive approach by the government to bolster cybersecurity and enhance protection against potential cyber threats. By establishing CERTs and implementing a cohesive strategy, the government aims to ensure the safety and security of both public and private sector entities in the digital realm.