Confiz helps a leading fashion and Cosmetics Company in the UAE and Pakistan reinvent their retail operations.

E-commerce News in Karachi

Confiz, a next-generation global technology company with 16+ years of experience in transforming the retail industry, has recently signed a multi-faceted strategic agreement with Sheikh Javaid & Sons International (SJS) to digitally transform and streamline their online and offline operations, paving the way for scalable growth in the UAE and Pakistan.

Confiz - E-commerce news in Karachi

The unified solution, which is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 (ERP business software), Shopify (an all-in-one commerce solution), and C-Analytics, will provide end-to-end visibility and enable strong data-driven decision making across the whole supply chain (flagship business intelligence solution for retail).

They also continue to be a global leader in retail technology enablement and digital transformation.

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