Confiz Supports Aspiring Innovators by Donating Laptops to Swiss Education Project Pakistan (SEPP)

Confiz, an IT company, has made a substantial contribution to bridging the digital divide by donating ten laptops to Swiss Model High School in Lahore, part of the Swiss Education Project Pakistan (SEPP). This donation aims to enhance students’ computer literacy skills, providing them with essential tools for navigating the digital landscape and opening doors to academic and professional growth. This marks Confiz’s second consecutive donation, following a previous initiative at Government College for Women in Data Nagar.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee volunteers from Confiz, Amna Arooj, Ahmed Mujtaba, and Bilal Ghafeer, spearheaded the initiative. During the donation, the team engaged with students and teachers, sharing their professional journeys and emphasizing the crucial role of technology in today’s workforce. The laptops are expected to empower teachers and students at Swiss Model High School with basic digital literacy, promoting inclusivity in education.

The Swiss Education Project Pakistan (SEPP) was founded in 1997, focusing on providing free education to break the cycle of poverty. The donation from Confiz is anticipated to improve the classroom learning experience and broaden access to online learning opportunities, aligning with SEPP’s mission.

Confiz’s commitment to empowering young minds through education and technology is highlighted as a commendable effort, contributing positively to society and inspiring other companies to make similar impacts globally.