Cross-Country Long-Haul Fiber Network’s First Phase is Completed by ONE Network and Cybernet

One Network, Pakistan’s largest ICT, Intelligent Traffic, and Electronic Tolling System operator, and Cybernet, a top fiber broadband provider, are collaborating to create a new ultra-low latency long-haul fiber network.

The network will cover the full length of the nation and give the media, internet, and communications infrastructure in several cities, towns, and districts the capacity and redundancy that it sorely needs.

The project’s first phase, which consists of 1,800 km of the fiber-optic network along highway and expressway sections, has been deployed. These sections include those connecting Karachi to Hyderabad (M-9 Motorway), Multan to Sukkur (M-5 Motorway), Abdul Hakeem to Lahore (M-3 Motorway), Swat Expressway (M-16), Lahore to Islamabad (M-2 Motorway), and, separately, Lahore to Sialkot (M-11 Motorway)

Both parties are currently working quickly to install, test, and achieve ready-for-service status for a multi-terabit transport network (RFS).

The second phase has begun and is anticipated to be completed by Q1 2023. It includes the sections from Hyderabad to Sukkur, Multan to Pindi Bhattian (M-4 Motorway), Hazara Expressway (E-35), Hakla to D.I.Khan (M-14 Motorway), and Islamabad to Peshawar (M-1 Motorway).

The project has included safeguards to survive natural disasters based on lessons learned from disruptions brought on by infrastructure damage in recent floods.

All essential parts, including power systems, distribution networks, and optical networking equipment, are set up such that they can continue to operate in a variety of crisis situations.

In order to deliver an unprecedented level of reliability, the network is also being improved through the use of several rings and swap agreements with other network providers.

Asif Siddique, CEO of One Network, expressed his views, saying, “This national long-haul project is the backbone to enable One Network to deploy state-of-the-art platforms for electronic toll collection (ETC) and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for our National Motorways – the economic backbone of our country.”

“Built along the national motorways, the fiber transmission network will provide a robust information highway linking many Pakistani cities, towns, and districts. The infrastructure has been built, and will be maintained, by keeping in mind the capacity and communication needs for our nation and its citizens for the next 25 years,” he added.


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