Daraz eCom Summit 2023 Brings Together Sellers/Brands and Influencers For the Flagship 11.11 Sale

The first online marketplace in the country, Daraz Pakistan, achieved a noteworthy milestone with the successful inauguration of its first eCom Summit 2023, which was held in the energetic cities of Lahore and Karachi as well as Sialkot, Peshawar, Islamabad, Multan, and Faisalabad. Over 4,000 companies and sellers as well as a strong community of over 600 content producers participated in this ground-breaking event, highlighting the collaborative nature of Pakistan’s e-commerce scene.

Building on the lessons learned by its parent company, Alibaba International Digital Commerce Group, Daraz stressed the value of keeping prices competitive on the platform for the benefit of customers and contributing to the growth of e-commerce’s (currently roughly 2%) share of Pakistan’s total retail market. To help sellers boost their profit margins and save operating expenses, the firm also revealed that the cost of packing supplies and fulfillment by Daraz has been lowered.

To maintain transparency, the top-performing brands and merchants on Daraz for 2022 were also recognized for their exceptional online growth using data-driven standards. E-commerce Brand of the Year went to Unilever, Best Brand (Electronics) went to Haier Pakistan, Fastest Growing E-commerce Brand went to Bonanza, and Best Brand (FMCG) went to Knorr.

Ehsan Saya, Managing Director of Daraz Pakistan, stated, “The journey of e-commerce in Pakistan over the past eight years is commendable, yet the potential for expansion in the coming years remains vast. At Daraz, we believe there is a lot of responsibility we carry in this growth trajectory. With over 100,000 sellers across the nation counting on us daily to connect with millions of customers, our mission extends beyond business. As we advance, our vision is clear: to unlock countless income opportunities for Pakistanis.”

Muhammad Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Daraz Pakistan stated, “In the past, we used to host Seller Summits annually to pave the way for our flagship 11.11 sale. However, with the evolution of our ecosystem and the inclusion of verticals such as Daraz Live, Affiliates, and Daraz Marketing Solutions, this year we decided to scale the event and include content creators along with leading brands. Being the largest homegrown platform in Pakistan, we took the initiative to unite key stakeholders of e-commerce, celebrate our shared growth, and disseminate knowledge. With this synergy, we’re setting our sights on making this year’s 11.11 sale unparalleled for both consumers and brands alike.” 

“In the e-commerce space of Pakistan, Daraz is doing much more than just selling items. We are connecting people, bridging gaps, and helping the country grow in the digital age. Our eCom Summit is a testament to this commitment, bringing together the best minds to shape the future of e-commerce. Every sale and feedback matters to us. At Daraz, we’re not just watching the change; we’re at the heart of it,” said Arusha Imtiaz, Chief Commercial Officer, Daraz Pakistan.

The eCom Summit 2023 offered a venue for advancing Pakistan’s e-commerce development. The summit’s main objectives were to promote networking, skill development, and information exchange among the most important players in the online retail sector through long sessions and panel discussions. Additionally, Daraz’s leadership provided merchants and brands with special data to assist them in getting ready for the forthcoming 11.11 sale, which is the biggest shopping event of the year.