Daraz: The Full Review

Daraz is a multinational technology organization that majorly targets e-commerce business systems, logistics, payment framework, and financial services. Daraz has easily made its appearance among the best e-commerce websites in Pakistan. It was originally founded about 10 – 11 years ago with the backing of Rocket Internet, first launched in Pakistan as an online fashion trader, and later expanded its premises to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar as a daraz group of organizations after its shiftiness business model. Later, in 2018 Daraz Group was acquired by the renowned Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group. Let’s have a detailed look at how Daraz, as an online e-commerce website, can help make your shopping experience convenient and worthwhile. It has drastically improved the rate of e-commerce in Pakistan. 

Shopping Experience

Convenience is the biggest perk that will get on the Daraz Pakistan website. It is the easiest-to-use website that you will surely click on. And other than that, where else can you order your favorite item at midnight while in your t-shirt and pajamas.

Shopping online from Daraz means that you do not need to stand in long queues waiting for your turn to come, you just simply select the product and fill in the details (that too only once, then our system automatically saves it for later) and place your order. Online shopping at Daraz gives an opportunity to shop anytime, anywhere.

Better Prices:-
When you shop from Daraz, you are basically shopping directly from the manufacturer or the seller without the involvement of a middleman. Hence you get products at a much cheaper and economic rate but with no compromise on the quality of the product. Whatever you are shown on the website is exactly what you will receive. Moreover, factor in the saved expense of gas and parking, you have saved yourself a whole lot of money.

More Variety:-
The options available on Daraz are exceptional. You can find almost any brand on the website and participate in buying the trendy items without getting too heavy on your own pocket. A far broader selection of colors, sizes, and designs are available which you may not find otherwise on offline platforms. Plus Daraz always keeps a track of their stock and maintains it wisely, so it will be an extremely rare case when your favorite product will be out of stock.

You Can Send Gifts:-
The packaging in which the product is delivered is so neat and tidy that you can easily place an order and send it to a different shipping address. As mentioned earlier, the convenience of using the Daraz app is what makes it unique among all the other online websites.

Now distance will not be a hurdle for sending in gifts on special occasions like Birthdays, Valentines, anniversaries, etc.

More control:- 
Oftentimes, we tend to go for the conventional shopping method, which results in spending extra money and buying things that are unnecessary and unwanted. On the contrary, if you go online shopping, you don’t have to let the stores’ inventory dictate what to buy and what not to buy, and you can get exactly what you want and need.

Easy Price Comparison:-
Comparing and researching products from different stores is so much easier and more convenient than baffling around going to various stores in real life. On platforms like Daraz, you can easily look for customers’ reviews about the quality of the product and if the quality is worth the price.

No Crowds:-
We’re sure nobody is fond of crowds while shopping, you need your time to choose and select the product. Especially during holidays and festivals when you really need that particular dress but you are too tired to enter that crowd. In these times, apps like Daraz works as a rescue agent where you choose the product calmly with no worries of crowds or even getting a parking space.

Additional benefits of the e-commerce websites in Pakistan:-

  • You can have access to electronic records of the receipt of your purchase, thus making record-keeping much easier.
  • You get your hands on your favorite items in the comfort of your own home
  • Sometimes, returns are much easier
  • Saves plenty of your time.

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