Delivering One-Stop Payment Solutions to Pakistani Salaried Professionals: Rizq Finance and 1Link

RIZQ is happy to announce its integration with 1-Bill, a bill-paying service provided by the leading e-payment switch in the nation, 1-link.

With the help of its intelligent scheduling tool, RIZQ eliminates the challenges that Salaried Professionals and Freelancers have daily in paying their bills on time. RIZQ users will be able to prioritize and automate regular bill payments as a result, saving money on late fees and efficiently raising credit scores.

The CEO of; S.H. Kazi said, “We’re excited to work with 1-link to provide our customers with a smart, seamless, and secure payment experience,”. He also added, “This integration will help us further our mission to help Pakistani Salaried Professionals and Freelancers achieve a state of financial wellness.”

Mr. Najeeb Agrawalla, CEO – 1LINK also stated, “1LINK is pleased to onboard RIZQ Financial on its grid for 1BILL Initiation services. Customers nowadays want to conduct transactions at their preferred time. It is good to see an increasing number of players providing 24/7 frictionless and convenient bill payment solutions. I hope that we will continue to contribute in this space by adding more partners on our 1BILL rails’’.

The first and largest payment gateway and switch system in Pakistan, 1-link has a robust e-payment network spanning numerous industries. The nation’s first PSO/PSP and largest switch and payment system, 1LINK (Pvt) Limited, is owned by a group of eleven banks. It offers a variety of useful online banking services, including ATM switching, bill payment, interbank funds transfer, fraud risk management, switch dispute resolution, international payment schemes, and PayPak – a domestic payment scheme. To help the financial sector, 1LINK is constantly developing and adding new products and services., Pakistan’s top online employment board, recently launched RIZQ. RIZQ is a dynamic financial wellness platform that gives consumers 1-tap access to financial services from partner Financial Institutions, empowering them to protect and take charge of their finances.