Development of DetectGPT to Resolve Educational Concerns Regarding ChatGPT

The spotlight of Artificial Intelligence in recent times, ChatGPT has become quite popular and has gained widespread recognition. It was developed by OpenAI. The main reason for its popularity is the convenience it provides from answering simple questions to performing entire tasks.

Recently it is reported that New York city banned ChatGPt usage due to the risk of students solving their examinations using it. After this initiative, the developer of ChatGPT, OpenAI confirmed that it is working on a tool that ensures the detection of the content generated by ChatGPT.

The tool developed by OpenAI to detect ChatGPT content generation is introduced by the name DetectGPT. DetectGPT uses log probabilities to detect the generation of a certain passage. Researches confirm that it has an accuracy of 95%.

The need for the development of DetectGPT and other similar tools arose due to educational concerns all over the world to avoid compromises on the quality of education. Students have been warned already that random checks will be done to detect the detected content and its originality, especially in examinations.

The team behind Detect GPT has not revealed much information about it yet and the tool has not been made available to the public.