DevFest23 Islamabad with Rayn: Advancing Towards a Brighter Tomorrow Through Technology

DevFest AI ’23, powered by Rayn and hosted by Google Developers Group Islamabad at Air University, showcased the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and students gathered to explore the impact of technology on Pakistan’s digital transformation. 

Safia Ali, Chief Design Officer of Rayn, delivered a keynote emphasizing the role of technology as a great equalizer and showcased Rayn’s success stories, including a spirituality app and solutions for agriculture and job searching.

The event highlighted the positive impact of technology on Pakistan’s youth, fostering a sense of unity and hope for a better future. Despite uncertainties, the gathering proved the tangible progress made by students actively participating in the tech ecosystem. 

The panel discussion on the Future of Work with AI, featuring Rayn’s SVP of Engineering Salman Ahmed, delved into AI’s role as a catalyst for social change, revolutionizing productivity, cybersecurity, and the future of work.

DevFest AI ’23 also demonstrated a commitment to women’s empowerment with the Women Techmakers Breakfast, providing a platform for inspiration, learning, and networking. The event concluded with a unified call to action, urging the tech community to actively contribute to Pakistan’s digital future.

The message emphasized staying connected, fostering collaboration, and joining the digital transformation journey to build for the masses. Reflecting Rayn’s commitment, the company aims to enable more events for youth to grow, collaborate, and prosper in an innovative ecosystem.