DevOps Pakistan Acquired By UAE-based Tech Firm TecBrix for Around $1 Million

TecBrix, a digital transformation consulting company located in the UAE, has acquired Karachi-based DevOps Pakistan to expand its presence in the South Asian country’s thriving startup ecosystem.

The acquisition terms have not yet been made completely public by the companies, although the agreement has finalized around $1 million. According to a TecBrix official, the evaluation was made based on the existing service-based clients and value addition by the company’s resources.

DevOps Pakistan is a dedicated community for mentoring DevOps aspirants and creating opportunities for DevOps professionals. It was founded by Salman Siddique, an alumnus of Bahria University and a DevOps Institute ambassador. The company has been providing DevOps Staff-Aug Services to companies since 2018. The company has successfully placed more than 50+ individuals, who are now working for tech companies all across the world.

DevOps Pakistan Acquired By UAE-based Tech Firm TecBrix for Around $1 Million

“The first time I talked to Salman about DevOps Pakistan, I knew this would be our gateway into the Pakistani market. We shared a mutual goal for the company. We intend to enter a market with a lot of potential and we need to provide platforms where they can showcase their talent and skills,”
– Naveed Rehman, CEO TecBrix.

Naveed, a technopreneur from Faisalabad, currently resides in the UAE, which also serves as the headquarters for TecBrix. Before founding TecBrix, a business focused on providing services in DevOps and Cloud technologies, he had more than a decade of experience working with tech giants around the globe

According to the TecBrix chief:

“There’s a lot of work that needs to be done on DevOps Pakistan, and we understand that the community has not been fully functional, but we have exciting plans for it. Staff Augmentation is one of them, the platform is already outsourcing the DevOps professionals, and that’s just a start”.

In his concluding remarks, Naveed urged Pakistani technology firms to work together to expand the technological potential for Pakistan and support the development of a sustainable future for the younger generation, particularly but not only those working in the technology sector.

Before the acquisition, TecBrix sought to break into the Pakistani market and felt there was no better way to do so than by establishing a community that could serve as a hub for the industry’s DevOps professionals and aspirants.

Salman expressed his enthusiasm over the acquisition, saying. “I am just excited about the future of DevOps Pakistan. TecBrix has amazing ideas to take it to a much more successful stage that will benefit the company and help DevOps and the tech industry flourish here in Pakistan. I am happy to be part of the journey and see a dream come true”.

The deal was finalized in Karachi in the latter week of July. additionally, on the 14th of August, the community’s new website was also unveiled.