Digitalized Career Fairs at Renowned Universities of Karachi by Qureos-the UAE-based Startup

A UAE-based company that also has its network in Pakistan, Qureos has been working on training people to0 make them capable of learning and being qualified or skilled enough to be a perfect match for the job opportunities. By doing this, it is aiming at promoting the use of technology for establishing careers and accelerating 100 million careers through it.

Qureos has been organizing digitalized career fairs for two weeks and has held successful events at the top 5 universities including some renowned names such as Habib University, IBA, and IoBM. They introduced the idea of utilizing the technology for job searches, revolutionizing and making the entire process easy for not only the students but also their teachers. This event brought them more than 45,000 student applications and about 400 applications from the employees.

The co-founder of Qureos, Usama Nini stated at the event, “Digitizing career fairs is a step in the right direction as it connects employers with a relevant talent pool, and also matches candidates with opportunities aligned with their career goals. It is a win-win solution for both parties. We are now excited to implement these efforts and learnings across the region.”