Digitt+ and Covalent Unveil “Zariya” for Advanced Banking Services

Digitt+, Pakistan’s first agricultural fintech and electronic money institute, has partnered with Covalent, a SAAS/PAAS pioneer, to launch “Zariya.” This innovative platform aims to provide startups and fintechs with cutting-edge Banking as a Service (BAAS) solutions.


Zariya offers a comprehensive tech stack on a flexible pay-as-you-grow model, ensuring rapid market entry. The platform features white-labeled mobile apps, digital onboarding, digital wallets, card issuance, and additional services such as funds transfers, bill payments, a generative AI chatbot, and digital cheque signature verification.


Furthermore, Zariya integrates advanced systems for digitizing supply chain payments, collections management, payroll processing, and comprehensive fraud and risk management.


“Zariya is a strategic milestone in democratizing advanced digital financial tools,” stated Umer Butt, Chief Digital Officer at Digitt+. “Our collaboration with Covalent combines our in-house technology with Covalent’s expertise to deliver innovative and accessible solutions.”


Haris Waheed, Chief Operating Officer at Covalent, added, “This joint venture highlights our commitment to technological excellence and customer-focused innovation. Zariya is designed to exceed the dynamic needs of modern startups and fintechs, facilitating growth and scalability.”


The partnership leverages Digitt+’s microservices technology and Covalent’s SAAS/PAAS capabilities to set new benchmarks in the fintech industry.