Digitt+ Introduces Multilingual Support, Signs Up 3,000 Farmers, and Achieves Throughput of PKR 100 Million

In addition to the successful onboarding of 3,000 farmers, Digitt+, Pakistan’s first Agri fintech platform, has announced the deployment of multilingual support and a throughput of more than PKR 100 million during its ongoing test period.

The business expresses delight that its offerings are having a good effect on the agricultural industry and giving the country’s farmers much-needed financial support.

Digitt+ is gradually integrating linguistic assistance into its platform to enable accessibility for as many farmers as feasible. Digitt+ is introducing support for all languages used in Pakistan with their audio dialects, starting with Punjabi and Seraiki.

The objective is to eliminate linguistic obstacles to financial inclusion and create Digitt+ the most inclusive fintech app in Pakistan.

CEO of Digitt+, Ahmed Saleemi, stated: “We are incredibly proud to have onboarded 3,000 farmers on our platform during our ongoing pilot phase, with a throughput of PKR 100 million+,”.

“We are committed to expanding our platform to support more and more farmers across Pakistan to feed our people, improve nutrition, and build our economy.”

While Digitt+’s founder, Qasim Akhtar Khan, commented, “Financial inclusion is key to unlocking the true potential of the agricultural sector in Pakistan. By providing access to digital financial services, we can help farmers improve their livelihoods and contribute to economic growth.”