DTC and Zoom Lead the Customer Experience Revolution in Pakistan

The DTC and Zoom partnership recently organized a groundbreaking round table conference at the PC Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan, marking an important milestone in the country’s customer experience (CX) landscape. The event aimed to revolutionize CX by introducing Zoom’s AI-powered contact center, with a specific focus on the financial industry and dynamic customer engagement.

DTC’s CEO and founder, Adeel Dayo, highlighted the significance of adopting advanced technology and innovative solutions to provide a superior customer experience. The conference brought together key figures from the banking industry and BPO, along with DTC and Zoom, to facilitate a dialogue on digital customer experience and the future of customer engagement.

Zoom’s global leaders, including Cecilia Canha, Iqbal Javaid, Ahmed Yousef, and Mounir Rachi, shared global trends, case studies, and success stories related to contact centers in the financial industry. They showcased Zoom’s innovative solutions and flexible integrations with banking services to increase self-service and improve the overall customer experience. Attendees were impressed by Zoom’s Contact Center demo, which demonstrated the ease of implementation and the potential for delivering a personalized experience to customers.

The collaboration between DTC and Zoom signifies their dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions for exceptional customer service. The conference marked a significant step in “Crossing the CX Boundaries” in Pakistan, setting a new standard for customer experience in the industry.

The event concluded with expressions of gratitude to the participants, both physical and virtual, and a special gift of Ajrak, a symbol of Sindhi Culture, to the guest speakers from across EMEA.