Easypaisa Introduces Groundbreaking “Audio Nikahnama” to Empower Women in Pakistan

In a landmark move, easypaisa, Pakistan’s leading digital financial services platform, has introduced the “easypaisa Audio Nikahnama,” a pioneering initiative designed to grant women unprecedented access to their crucial matrimonial rights.


Recognizing the significant literacy challenges faced by two-thirds of Pakistani women in comprehending their Nikahnama, easypaisa’s Audio Nikahnama leverages technology to offer a free, simple, and accessible solution. Through a dedicated helpline (0341-1171222) or the easypaisa App, women can access the Nikahnama in seven different languages. The app also provides a sign language option for enhanced accessibility.


This initiative aims to empower women, regardless of their socio-economic class or digital divide, by making vital information about their rights and obligations within the marriage contract readily available. Rifah Qadri, Head of Marketing & Communications at easypaisa, stressed the importance of breaking down barriers and empowering women to make informed decisions about their future. The initiative goes beyond technology, promoting transparency and financial stability for stronger families.


Besides enhancing knowledge about the marriage contract, the easypaisa Audio Nikahnama fosters open communication within marriages, contributing to a more equitable future. With over 40 million registered mobile accounts, easypaisa remains dedicated to transforming Pakistan into a financially inclusive society through the power of technology.