Fatima Fertilizer and JazzCash Join Forces to Digitize Agri-Sector Payments

Fatima Fertilizer, a major player in Pakistan’s agricultural sector, has partnered with JazzCash, the country’s leading digital wallet, to revolutionize the payment ecosystem for farmers. This collaboration aims to promote financial inclusion and economic empowerment for predominantly unbanked farmers, integrating them into the formal economy.


The partnership will streamline secure and efficient transactions through the Sarsabz Pakistan Farmer App, leveraging Fatima Fertilizer’s extensive dealer network. This will provide farmers with a user-friendly platform to manage finances, receive payments, and conduct transactions digitally.


By incorporating JazzCash’s digital payment solutions, farmers can now access financial services previously out of reach, bridging the gap between them and the formal banking sector. This digital shift will enhance financial control, stability, and growth for farmers, allowing them to invest in better practices and improve their livelihoods.


The initiative ensures swift, secure transactions, minimizing cash handling risks and increasing transparency. With JazzCash’s reliable payment system, trust among farmers and stakeholders in the agricultural sector will be strengthened.


Rabel Sadozai, Director of Marketing and Sales of Fatima Fertilizer, highlighted that this partnership is a transformative step for the agricultural payment ecosystem, enhancing financial inclusion and contributing to Pakistan’s economic growth.