Federal IT Minister Unveils BridgeStart Initiative to Provide Funding for Pakistani Startups

Federal Minister of IT and Telecom, Umar Saif, has introduced a promising initiative named BridgeStart, aiming to support Pakistani startups with aspirations for global recognition. This program is set to fund 100 startups annually, providing them with the opportunity to be incubated or accelerated in any of the top 40 incubators/accelerators worldwide.


Umar Saif highlighted the motivation behind BridgeStart, emphasizing the observed growth of startups that could access renowned international programs such as YCombinator, Capital Factory, and 500 Startups. Acknowledging that some startups face barriers due to financial constraints for travel and lodging, BridgeStart intends to offer financial assistance of up to Rs. 5 million to qualifying startups pursuing these top 40 global programs.


The focus of BridgeStart is on empowering startups to excel and meet the criteria of prestigious international incubators/accelerators, while the program handles the financial aspects. This initiative reflects a commitment to nurturing the global potential of Pakistani startups, fostering collaboration on an international scale.