First Virtual Life Insurance Agent Platform in Pakistan, “Muavin,” Welcomes 15,000 Potential Agents from TPL Life

The nation’s most ground-breaking Virtual Life Insurance Agent Learning & Earning Platform, known as “Muavin,” has been introduced by TPL Life Insurance Ltd, Pakistan’s first InsurTech organization in the innovative insurance market.

A way for every Pakistani to generate an additional or dependable income stream by selling insurance products from TPL Life. The user can register on Muavin for free, go through the learning process using the video lectures and course materials that are provided, become a certified Muavin, start selling from anywhere in Pakistan, and get paid a commission for profitable sales.

Through the use of a mobile app or website, certified Muavins can access this special digital platform for learning, certification, and the subsequent sale of insurance products. Both life and health insurance products can be sold digitally, eliminating the need for paper-based training and sales techniques.

Since the platform’s launch, 15,000 people have signed up across Pakistan, a sign that people in that country are actively looking for options that will allow them to develop new skills, increase their income, maintain and improve their lifestyles, and be financially independent to deal with any inflation and/or economic pressures.

The Muavin platform supports TPL Life’s mission of digitally empowering Pakistan and every Pakistani, ensuring that economic activity is intrinsic at every stage of financial development, and showcasing the skills and capabilities that the nation develops.

Mr. Saad Nisaar, CEO of TPL Life Insurance said, “We are thrilled to introduce a medium for our fellow Pakistanis that offers them the opportunity to pursue their goals, hone their talents, and make a better living for themselves,”. He also added, “The overwhelming number of sign-ups is a testament to the demand for this platform in Pakistan.”

Adding to that, Mr. Humayoon Asghar, Chief Strategy & Retail Officer, stated, “This is a proud moment for us; we are confident that Muavin Platform will be the game-changer for TPL Life and the entire insurance industry of Pakistan. The platform has enabled distribution of our products directly to every Pakistani via Muavins (Virtual Agents) – without dependency over traditional brick & mortar setups – adding to economic activity in the country, opportunities for fellow Pakistanis & growth for TPL Life.”