Foodpanda and Oware Technologies Collaborate to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Oware Technologies, a budding supply chain technology firm, has teamed with foodpanda, Pakistan’s leading online food and grocery delivery service provider. Oware Technologies will supply warehousing services at their KOR-6 facility in Karachi for 400 pallets each month as a third-party logistics supplier for foodpanda.
The launch of the cooperation between foodpanda and Oware Technologies comes at a time when it is impossible to ignore the problems with responsiveness and scalability from recent years. In order to develop ideas and solutions that might pave the way for increased production while also improving efficiency, both businesses have teamed up.
“Through this partnership, foodpanda will be able to operate at one or more locations in our network, unhindered by operationally intense and complex logistics planning. This will enable a faster route to market for them and at scale”, said Oware co-founder Adil Nisar.
Business Unit Head foodpanda for Business, Caly Zehra stated, “In today’s increasingly connected world, customer expectations are constantly evolving along with the technologies that shape them. Speed in service delivery is useful, optimizing resources is welcomed, but being accurate in warehousing is vital. Our partnership with Oware is all set to meet the constantly changing market and customer needs, while empowering foodpanda to synchronize its supply and demand.”

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