Free 5G Spectrum for 5 Years Demanded by the Telecom Sector

For the past five years, the telecom sector has pushed for free 5G spectrum and tax-free 5G equipment.

A PTA document that is accessible through ProPakistani states that the industry has suggested auctioning the 5G spectrum in the nation five years from now after the use cases have been implemented. The sector has also asked the federal government for policy involvement to forbid both local 2G/3G smartphone production and importation.

Although PTA has received advice from the telecom sector, it is unable to take independent choices. The Pakistani government will release a policy guideline for the introduction of 5G throughout the nation. PTA will hire a consultant to make 5G recommendations based on the government’s policy directives.

To conduct a thorough market study, the consultant will closely collaborate with all parties. The expert will also examine other pertinent issues and examine global regulatory procedures for the introduction of 5G.

According to PTA, the telecom sector can contribute its ideas for consideration and the following creation of recommendations for the Pakistani government. While releasing 5G policy guidelines, the government will take these recommendations into account.

The current economic crisis in the nation and the non-opening of LCs have previously been cited as reasons why the debut of 5G will be delayed, according to the IT Minister. The Ministry of IT had earlier stated that June 2023 would be the date of the introduction of 5G, however, the Minister has since stated that the launch of 5G may be postponed owing to the present crisis.

The government wants 5G to go live later this year, though. The future 5G auction should be inexpensive and supportive of business, according to the minister. Based on the consultant’s recommendations, the Auction Advisory Committee will decide on the 5G auction.