Google Chrome to Leverage Browsing History for AI-Powered Searches

Google is introducing a new feature in Chrome that utilizes your browsing history to enhance search capabilities, raising privacy concerns among users. The upcoming “History search” feature will enable Chrome to search within the content of previously visited web pages, not just page titles and URLs. This AI-powered tool will allow users to find specific information even if they can’t recall exact details like the address or title.


This feature will function on the History page and within the address bar using the “@history” command followed by search terms. However, this convenience comes with potential privacy risks. Google has updated its description to include a disclaimer that your data might be accessed by Google and human reviewers for AI model training. This involves collecting your search terms, webpage content, and search results.


Despite assurances from Google that webpage data will be encrypted and stored on the device, the feature’s default activation could lead to privacy concerns. To mitigate this, it is crucial for Google to make History Search an opt-in feature, allowing users to choose whether to enable it. This approach will help balance the benefits of enhanced search capabilities with user privacy.