Google Enhances Gemini AI and Circle to Search Features Following GPT-4o Launch

Just a day after OpenAI announced upgrades to ChatGPT, Google has unveiled new features for its Gemini AI chatbot and the Circle to Search feature on smartphones.


The Android version of Gemini will now recognize the app you’re using and your activities within it. For instance, while watching a YouTube video, you can interact with Gemini for information about the video. The update also allows users to drag and drop images created by Gemini into Gmail, Google Messages, and other applications.


Paid users of Gemini Advanced will soon be able to ask questions about PDF files they are viewing, making it easier to navigate through documents. This feature will roll out to hundreds of millions of devices in the coming months.


Gemini Nano, the compact AI model that operates natively on devices, is now multimodal, accepting text, images, and voice inputs. This will enhance features like TalkBack, providing descriptions of images for visually impaired users. Additionally, it will detect scam calls and provide real-time alerts based on suspicious conversation patterns.


The Circle to Search feature for students will now offer detailed steps for solving various physics and math problems. Later this year, it will also handle more complex issues involving formulas, diagrams, and graphs, thanks to Google’s new LearnLM technology. Currently, Circle to Search is operational on over 100 million devices, with plans to expand further by year’s end.