Google Implements AI Tools, Leading to Job Cuts for Hundreds of Workers

In a recent development, Google has initiated significant job cuts within its ad sales division, particularly impacting the “Large Customer Sales” (LCS) team responsible for managing the company’s major advertising clients. The layoffs, affecting “hundreds of employees,” align with Google’s increased integration of generative AI features into its cornerstone product, Google Ads. 


Notably, AI tools such as a natural-language chatbot and an autonomous ad asset creation system, part of Google’s “Performance Max” product, have played a crucial role in automating various aspects of ad management. This move is indicative of the broader trend where AI replaces human roles in diverse divisions, reflecting the transformative impact of AI on the workforce. 


The deployment of AI has resulted in job cuts across multiple Google divisions, including hardware, Google Assistant, and augmented reality (AR). The integration of AI in various products and services is seen as a paradigm shift, emphasizing automation and efficiency in advertising.