Google Introduces NotebookLM, an AI Chatbot Catering to Students and Professionals

Google has introduced a new AI chatbot named NotebookLM, designed for students and professionals. The chatbot is powered by Gemini Pro, a tier of Google’s Large Language Model (LLM). Gemini Pro focuses on document understanding and reasoning for NotebookLM. The AI chatbot has been in early access since June and has recently been officially launched in the US.

NotebookLM leverages Gemini Pro and other models like PaLM 2. It aims to enhance the learning and professional experience by offering features such as “Noteboard,” which allows users to save responses, excerpts from resources, and user-written notes in one organized space. 

The chatbot can work with multiple notes, summarizing, combining, or creating study guides. Users can provide dynamic instructions based on their current activities.

Google plans to add new features to NotebookLM in the coming weeks, making it a versatile tool for education and professional use.