Google March 2024 Update – Tips from John Mueller

Google’s John Mueller tackled a burning question: Is the March Core Update a wrap? And more importantly, is it time to start sprucing up your site in response?

April 8, 2024

Google’s John Mueller tackled a burning question: Is the March Core Update a wrap? And more importantly, is it time to start sprucing up your site in response?



Staying on track with Google’s latest innovations is one-of-a-kind way to reach out to the target audience. In the latest news, John Mueller from Google mentioned the “March 2024 update” and gave out some vital guidance for bloggers who are striving to know it all.


What are Google Updates?


Google updates are like big changes Google makes to how it decides which websites show up first when you search for something. The March 2024 update is a big one, and it’s still happening. Mueller says it’s a bit complicated, which is why it’s taking so long.


Audience’s Concerns on Reddit


Individuals were worried because they noticed a drop in website traffic. They were holding off on making any fixes until they knew for sure if the update was done.


A person stated,


“People advised me against making drastic changes to my blogs while the core update was ongoing. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced a significant loss, about 60% of my traffic, and now I’m determined to restore these numbers. Do you have any tips for me? It appears that my pages, including (purchased) backlinks, have been most adversely affected!”


Mueller Responded,


If you notice something’s not right on your website, like losing lots of visitors, Mueller says you shouldn’t wait for the update to finish. It’s okay to start fixing things now, even if the update isn’t done. He thinks it’s more important to make your website better for people, not just for search engines.


John Mueller also added some valuable points from which we can learn:


  • Make Your Website People-Friendly


Mueller says it’s all about making your website great for the people who visit it. Instead of only focusing on what Google likes, think about what makes visitors happy. That’s what Google wants too!


  • Get Ready for Future Changes:


By focusing on making your website awesome for people now, you can also prepare for future Google updates. Mueller suggests looking at how people interact with your site and making it more enjoyable for them. This way, you’re ready for whatever changes come along.


  • Spread Out Your Website Traffic:


Mueller also says it’s smart to not rely only on Google for visitors. By getting people to visit your site from other places too, you’re not as affected if Google’s changes shake things up.


A Section from Google’s March Core Update


“As this is a complex update, the rollout may take up to a month. It’s likely there will be more fluctuations in rankings than with a regular core update, as different systems get fully updated and reinforce each other.”


Article In a Nutshell


John Mueller’s tips are like a roadmap for staying on top of Google’s updates. By making your website friendly for people and spreading out your visitors, you can keep your online presence strong no matter what Google throws your way.


Thus, acting quickly and taking into account updates, just like we did with the Reviews Suggestion, demonstrates the aspect of people when creating websites. It is greater than just some fancy words like “make your site awesome” or “content is king” – it is about really doing those steps to enhance site visitors’ experience.


By making certain that visitors enjoy their experience, you’ll not only be able to deal with the alterations in Google’s algorithm but also rise in the ranking power of your site for the long term.

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