Google Offers 45,000 Scholarships for Pakistani Students to Develop AI Skills

Google has launched the Google AI Essentials course, designed to broaden access to AI competencies and meet future technological demands. This initiative is part of Google’s commitment to democratize AI knowledge, emphasizing that education is a crucial first step. To support this mission, Google is offering up to 45,000 scholarships for its Google Career Certificates in 2024, along with introducing two new programs aimed at upskilling freelancers and women.


The Google AI Essentials course, available on Coursera, is a self-paced, online program that does not require prior AI experience. Taught by experts from Google, the course is intended to equip individuals from various sectors with essential AI skills, enhance productivity, and provide practical experience with AI tools. This includes learning to generate ideas, accelerate daily tasks, write effective prompts, and address potential AI biases responsibly.


In addition to technical skills, Google’s extended efforts include the PAFLA Freelancer and Career Kamyabi programs, developed in collaboration with the Pakistan Freelancers Association and Tech Valley. These programs are designed to improve soft skills like personal branding and communication, and to foster an inclusive workforce, particularly encouraging women to advance professionally.