Google Set to Soon Include Smart AI Functions to Search

Bing has been aggressively receiving AI skills from Microsoft, which somewhat surprised Google. Google, on the other hand, is not one to fall behind and has its own bold AI and search efforts.

Recently, a significant amount of these ideas were unintentionally made public.

The Wall Street Journal said that Google plans to follow Microsoft’s lead and launch its own AI chatbot for web search. By including brief videos and social media posts with the standard list of links, Google seeks to improve the personalization and diversity of search results.

The information provided here is taken from Google internal papers that have leaked. These pages provide a detailed overview of Google’s plans to improve search by making it more “visual,” “snackable,” and “human.” While there may be many ways to interpret these buzzwords, most of these suggested modifications will probably be put into place this year.

According to reports, Google’s conversational AI bot goes along with what was previously disclosed in a New York Times piece and is called Magi. Magi’s development has increased recently, keeping up with the ChatGPT-powered AI bot found in Bing.

At Google I/O 2023, the future Google search redesign is slated to be announced, with big announcements planned for Wednesday, May 10. Google’s Bard chatbot has previously been unveiled, but it hasn’t yet been integrated with any of the company’s other products.

The main goal of this project is to help consumers find results and solutions that they might not ordinarily find with the existing Google search experience.

We anticipate hearing a lot from Google in the next months regarding developments in AI and new search techniques.