Google Wishes Goodbye to its Cloud-based Gaming Platform; Google Stadia

Recently, Google has been reported to bid farewell to Google Stadia, its cloud-based gaming platform. The players were notified in late September that if it fails to captivate enough users, the service will discontinue and its journey came to an end on January 18, 2023. 

The players are saying goodbye to their beloved gaming service and Google is being honored for handling its shutdown really well. As the gaming service is ceasing to exist, it gave refunds for the games and hardware and released a final game, called the Worm game, enabling Bluetooth support for its players as a goodbye. 

This game was initially designed in 2019 for testing purposes. It reminded us of the old snake era, as it had many similar elements in which we had to eat fruits, to make the worms grow and save them from obstacles.  

The Guardian writes about Google Stadia that it, “liberated games from expensive consoles and PCs, but it was little marketed and lacked its own game titles”.In a recent report, it was stated that the players on Reddit and Discord are planning farewell parties for the gaming platform, wishing it goodbye for the exciting gaming services it had brought to them.