Google’s Announcement of ‘Retail Search’ Tool Brings Joy to Ecommerce Stores

Google Cloud announces the release of a tool designated to provide retailers the potential of Google’s search engine on their own domains..

April 9, 2022

E-commerce News in Pakistan

Google makes it to onsite search, helping shoppers find more relevant results with the introduction of its new tool for e-commerce stores. Perfect e-commerce news in Pakistan.

Google Cloud announces the release of a tool designated to provide retailers the potential of Google’s search engine on their own domains. This new feature; the ‘Retail Search’ is for e-commerce sites to deliver retailer’s digital properties with Google-quality searches and recommendations.

The ‘Retail Search’ tool is intended to help e-commerce stores boost their overall shopping experience and their on-site search hence the tool is built with Google’s technologies that are known to understand context and user intent.

e-commerce news in Pakistan

  • Why was there a need to create this new ‘Retail Search’ tool?

THE Harris Polls conducted a survey that resulted in Google News Cloud finding out that disappointing online experiences cost U.S retailers a sum of $300 billion per year with 76% percent of consumers complaining about how unsuccessful searches drew them away from purchases from retail websites.

On the other hand higher purchase conversion, larger orders, and brand loyalty were observed with good search experiences and following the pleasant experience 69% of customers reported purchasing additional items.

The creation of Retail Search is an approach to address both sides of this issue, minimizing search abandonment and encouraging sales through the enhancement of better customer experiences.

  • What ‘Retail Search’ has to offer?

Retail Search is a completely managed and customizable tool that allows organizations to generate search experiences solely shopper-focused. The tool is set to build upon the search engine’s indexing, retrieval, and ranking, seeking to provide an easier product discovery for shoppers and optimized business goals for retailers.

The tool enables owners and merchants to apply business rules to fine-tune what their customers see, modify product displays, availability filter,s and a few more options. This will help e-commerce stores drive required outcomes for engagement, revenue and even conversions. The tool is further capable of:

  • Progressive Understanding of Queries: having a better understanding of what the consumers search for will produce better results.
  • Semantic Search: efficient and systematic matching of product attributes with website content will generate fast and relevant product discovery.
  • Boosted results: results generated from user interaction and ranking models will not only meet but surpass specific business goals.
  • Latest security and privacy system: updated access controls safeguard retailer’s data and ensure delivery of relevant search results.

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The entire setup enables every business person especially e-commerce Pakistan owners to integrate their data, manage the modules and monitor their performance through an efficient graphical interface. This e-commerce news in Pakistan has spread out there like fire.

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