Google’s Efforts to Empower Pakistani Women in the Digital Realm

Google is at the forefront of efforts to empower Pakistani women in the digital sphere, recognizing the pressing need to address the high unemployment rates among youth, particularly women, in Pakistan. Despite the talent and potential among Pakistani women, they often face systemic barriers to accessing education and employment opportunities, perpetuating gender disparities in the workforce.


To tackle this issue, Google launched the Google Career Certificates program in 2022, which aims to provide job training and in-demand skills to job seekers, irrespective of their educational background. This program is particularly beneficial for women who may not have access to traditional educational pathways or who face societal pressures that limit their opportunities for career advancement.


One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Google Career Certificates program is its commitment to gender equality. In 2023, half of the 44.5K scholarships awarded through the program were granted to women, demonstrating Google’s dedication to leveling the playing field in the tech sector. 


Arooba Shahid and Afreen Rahat are two shining examples of the transformative impact of the Google Career Certificates program. Arooba, a former physiotherapist, was able to make a successful career switch to digital marketing and e-commerce after completing the program. Similarly, Afreen, a freelancer, credits the program for providing her with the skills and confidence to thrive in her chosen field.


Beyond scholarships and training programs, Google is also actively involved in advocating for policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By collaborating with local organizations and institutions, Google aims to create more opportunities for women to pursue careers in technology and related fields.